The Testosterone ELISA kit is intended for quantitative determination of testosterone in human serum.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone with a molecular mass of 288.4 Da. Testosterone is synthesized mainly in testicles and, in sufficiently less extent, in ovaries and adrenal cortex. Quantification of testosterone in serum is a valuable tool for investigation of testis function and diagnostics of certain adrenal, ovary and testicle tumors as well as female hirsutism.

Kit volume, wells (including controls) 96
Analitical sensitivity, nmol/L 0.2
Range of evaluated concentrations, nmol/L 0.2–50
Incubations 90 min at RT+ 10 min at +37°Cor

90 min at RT + 15-30 min at RT

Shelf life, months 12