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We have available 3 RADIM diagnostics lines: we offer a full line of Allergy Diagnostics, with more than 500 allergens, kits for the determination of total IgE and specific IgE and control sera; we offer a line of Hormonal Diagnostics which includes 20 different hormones, for screening test of thyroid, adrenal, fertility, prenatal screening and tumor markers; and we offer a line of Infection Diagnostics which includes the ToRCH complex, with kits for the determination of  Toxoplasma gondii, Rubella virus and Cytomegalovirus.



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We are the official manufacturer and distributor of SEAC/RADIM brand and we offer a full range of laboratory instruments, produced in our plant in Calenzano (Florence, Italy). We commercialize two fully automatic open analyzers for microplate ELISA method:

– Alisei Q.S.

– Brio 2

We have available also a microplate reader (Sirio S) and a microplate washer (Drop) and a cell counter (HeCo C)




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We have a stock of original and guaranteed spare parts for all RADIM/SEAC instruments and we commercialize them in a dedicated website, where full lists and prices will be available soon. To see the list of spare parts please CLICK HERE and send us a request.



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In all Italian territory we have a net of expert technicians who offer a full technical and specialistic support on the RADIM/SEAC instruments. In addition, in our plant in Calenzano (Florence, Italy) we organize courses of technical training for applicants from Italy or abroad.



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