SEAC instruments


Dia Lab Services S.r.l. is the sole Authorized Dealer of SEAC branded instruments, which are produced by its partner company Next Level S.r.l., in the former SEAC manufacturing facility in Calenzano (Florence, Italy).

The currently produced and commercialized SEAC branded instruments are 6: the EIA-automatic Analyzers Alisei Q.S. (6 Microplates) and Brio 2 (3 Microplates), the Microplate Reader Sirio S, the Microplate Washer Drop , the clinical chemistry Photometer Slim Plus and the Cell Counter HeCo C. 

Spare Parts

Dia Lab Services offers original and guaranteed spare parts for all SEAC branded instruments.

To have more information about the list of spare parts and their prices, please CLICK HERE and send us a request.