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Slim plus – Clinical Chemistry

The new Clinical Chemistry photometer Slim+ is the fundamental instrument for any type of laboratory, ambulatory or hospital ward: it effects readings in end point, kinetic, fixed time and differential, in absorbance and concentration, with multistandard (from 1 to 9) or K factor.

The memory contains 199 methods with the possibility to program, for each method, the type of reaction, wavelength, temperature, reading unit, normal values, aspiration volume, incubation time and reading intervals. Readings effected on 30 pl flow through cells or single cuvette, 10×10 mm in mono and bichromatism.
The instrument is completed with a backlight LCD for the operator through the programming phases, a cuvette chamber for the thermostatic control of the samples, a touch pad alphanumerical keyboard, a reading chamber for sample reading and an incorporated graphical printer for the print out of data, calibration and kinetic curves.
Slim+ is the ideal open system for all types of clinical chemistry tests on sera, plasma and whole blood.

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